Women Who Workout – What Are They Doing?

Everyone in Team USA hoped for a perfect Games in Vancouver this year. They had high expectations coming into the Games with the expectation that they would dominate like they have done in previous Olympic Games. Unfortunately, the American teams did not perform as expected. Despite getting pretty good at the volleyball, the women’s basketball and the baseball, the United States failed to make it to the finals.


The entire team had an excellent workout in pre-games today. Lexi commits herself to getting better and stronger during the off season to build strength and to burn more calories. Her workout consists of lifting weights and running on the treadmill. She was able to workout with the other members of her team, as she put minds together to work out an accommodation between the two warring factions

Karla was not having the best day of her life, but she persevered and kept going. Today, at the gym she has built up quite a body weight, especially her abs. She is not sure whether she will be able to get into shape this quick, but she is willing to give it a shot. Karla does not have a whole lot of time to hit the gym, but she knows she wants to get into good shape as soon as possible. She also realizes that it is not going to be a quick fix, but she will be rewarded for the hard work with a lifetime of healthy, beautiful looking bodies.

Another member of the team, Sarah has been working out at the gym for some time. She has hit a plateau in her weight loss, but has also added some muscle mass. Sarah has also incorporated a daily strength training program into her weekly schedule. She likes the challenge of the program and is looking forward to building some lean muscle. She has found that the daily intensity of the strength training program is one of the reasons she has been able to add so much lean muscle mass.

With both of these women in the group, you can see that strength training is not only important, but it is essential to having a great workout. Aerobic exercise is another important part of any workout and is something that should be done regularly. However, if you are not doing an aerobic exercise routine, you are missing out on an important component of your workout. By including an exercise such as strength training, you will burn more calories, strengthen your muscles, and increase your metabolism.

There are many women who workout to improve their health and well-being. You may want to join them if you want a healthy lifestyle that is enjoyable and rewarding. Find a workout that is right for you can get on track to a new you.

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