Interval Training Vs Gym Workouts

The kids are back in school and they need to have a workout so they can stay in shape. The teacher has asked all of them to get in their car and meet at the gym. They are excited to get going but the Mom worries that it will be too much for them. What should they have to do? Will it be too much for them?


The teacher suggested a five minute walk at the end of the class, which was enough to get them through the entire lesson. The group had a great workout in class that day. Her workout consisted of lifting weights and running on the treadmill for ten minutes each way. Everyone could workout to their heart’s content, thanks to the compromise between the opposing sides that settled on a ten minute walk.

The teacher has kept the process going with the students even after they leave the school building. She has found that by alternating walks with interval training, the kids keep the weights on and work on strength rather than muscle endurance. She has found that the kids can still get their daily recommended amount of exercise with the combination of interval training and a walk. The workout gets tougher, because they are used to exerting a greater amount of force through running or walking, but the muscles are still strong.

Interval training works on different muscles at once, which makes it a great workout. The kids’ bodies are used to doing two things at once, so when they switch to doing interval exercises, the effort they exert is substantially increased. The high-intensity exercises kick up their metabolism, which increases their overall stamina and fitness level.

Most people take it slow and steady when working out, so the Rep number doesn’t necessarily change for them. For a young person, working out with eight sets of eight reps is probably going to be easier than working out with twelve sets of sixteen reps. That might sound like a lot, but for someone just starting out, it’s definitely going to be easier. They’ll have to adapt their routines so that they can handle more sets and reps throughout the course of a day.

As they do, they will begin to see positive changes in their body. They will be lifting more than ever before, and they’ll be feeling stronger throughout the day. The best part about using gym equipment is that you can mix it up and use different exercises for various parts of the body. This is a great way to continue to challenge the muscles and to make sure that your workout stays interesting.

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