How to Feel Confident During Your First Time Workout

A workout can mean many different things to many different people. For some people it is a workout to stay in shape, to tone up, to build muscle, or to get healthy. Other people focus on working out to lose weight, to increase strength, to meditate, or to relax. No matter what your personal goals are for your workout, it can mean the difference between staying at home alone, or going out with friends and family and staying active and healthy. A workout can be a trip down memory lane, filled with feelings of high energy and accomplishment. Here are some of the top workout memories for women.


First workout: My first workout was at a girls dance class when I was fifteen years old. I remember it clearly, sitting in line, drinking wine, and trying not to embarrass myself in front of everyone. All of the other girls were in the same situation, and we were all nervous about our first workout. I remember crying a bit as I tried to stay motivated, because my body felt very uncomfortable, and I really didn’t feel prepared for this type of workout. But I was so happy I had gone ahead, even though I was very scared about it.

Second workout: I did my first professional job interview after my first workout. I was nervous, and not sure about myself. All I could think of was that I was a little scared, but also excited and thought I did well. I remember walking out of the interview room, smiling and feeling a sense of pride because I had just completed my first workout. It’s strange how this feeling of accomplishment can carry over into a job interview, where everything you have done in your life goes back and forth to how you feel about yourself.

Third workout: When I was twenty four years old I ran a 5km race, which was very scary for me. It was my first big goal, so I was very nervous about it. And for the most part, it turned out great! I finished in first place, and felt very proud of myself. When I did it again for my first time in an interview, the same thing happened; I felt confident again, and I enjoyed the interview much more.

That first workout has played a huge role in many of my future workouts. I never looked back, even though other women have since told me I look like I’m in my early twenties. The key to this is that I am constantly challenging myself with new workouts. As soon as one workout ends, I try something different. I try something new every other week.

It doesn’t matter if I’m at the gym or running on the street. Whatever it is, I know that when I do it, I am creating a feeling of accomplishment for myself and for others. I don’t feel bad about it, either! So whether you’re a man or a woman, you too can create a powerful feeling of self-confidence by performing your first time workout.

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