Types Of Sporting Competitions


Types Of Sporting Competitions

Any definition of sport can be controversial. In most practical terms, sport has been commonly defined by its strict association with physical activity and its socially accepted association with competitive sport. Sport involves competition between human beings, and can be divided further into individual sports and team sports. The latter are usually associated with football, ice hockey and basketball, while the former are more common in rugby, ice Hockey, American football and Australian soccer.

Sport involves a number of elements such as skill, athleticism, spirit, unity, sportsmanship and proper gear, uniform and attitude. The concept of sport is often linked to that of fair play, which is one of the main principles that governs sport. Fair play is the basis of most sports, as it ensures that players are accorded a level of fairness, safety and respect, which encourages teams to play out the game in the most rational manner possible. According to the UN World Sport Conference, “immersmanship is an essential component of sport that separates the players on the playing field from the spectators, sponsors and other individuals that may have an interest in the event”. The main article that defines sport in this context, Sport refers to “the ability of a participant to use his own skill and physical fitness to achieve a set goal” whilst competition refers to “a contest between persons for recognition, award or payment”.

In modern society, sport has become almost as important to the individual as physical exertion. There are numerous well-known competitions and sports which are popular all around the world. Golf, for example, has become the most popular sport in the country, although it enjoys a much lower participation than tennis and swimming. Cricket, with some of the highest television ratings in the world, is also a hugely popular sport. Cricket is increasingly becoming a spectator sport rather than a participant one, with many fans preferring to follow matches either live or on television.

Each country sets its own rules and regulations for the various sporting disciplines, which are then governed by governing bodies that are responsible for ensuring fair competition. For example, baseball is considered a softball but its own league, which is the National Collegiate Baseball Association (NCAA), ensures fair play on the field. Rugby is another popular sports, which enjoys huge participation from the male population in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada, but is also played between the sexes in the USA. The rules for rugby are similar to those for baseball, with the exception of the wearing of protective equipment such as pads. The only major physical exertion that can occur during a rugby match is when a player carries out a tackle.

Professional sport encompasses various other types of physical activity such as rugby, hockey, soccer and basketball. These are all governed by professional sporting bodies. In the USA, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) governs college and university athletic programs, with national championships divided between men’s and women’s division 1. Division 1 men’s and women’s soccer tournaments are the basis of most professional sports. The NCAA serves as an independent governing body for the athletic programs of many colleges and universities. Professional sportswear companies such as Adidas, Nike and Reebok have been active participants in promoting and commercializing professional sports and their respective leagues and teams.

The various types of competitive sports promote a lot more than just individual performances. spectator sports provide a unique and different angle for fans to appreciate the game. They give them an opportunity to participate in the game and enjoy it together with fellow fans. Spectator sport includes boxing, motor racing, ice-skating and motorbicycle racing. Professional sport organisations organise regular competitions in various events to increase exposure of the games and attract new sports enthusiasts.

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