QuadrigaCX’s $ 100 million ETH fund, likely in several cryptocurrencies – reports

The biggest blockchain mystery of the lost funds in the QuadrigaCX exchange each year is very similar to the mystery behind Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity. However, the latest report reveals that Gerry Cotton, the late CEO of the stock exchange, has stored millions of funds on several stock exchanges for storage.

A QuadrigaCX Ethereum Storage Fundjai

According to a published report, he is a by his CEO with information gathered from Kraken’s Jesse Powell and MyCrypto’s Taylor Monahan. It is reported that Mr. Cotton is likely to hold significant amounts in the Ethereum (ETH) in Kraken, the Bitfinex and Poloniex stock exchanges. In fact, the analysis of the transactions reveals that almost 600,000+ ETHs were transferred as storage assets to these exchanges. This seems to have happened at the time QuadrigaCX started operating ETH trading on its platform. However, no other transactions after December 9 can be found with the QuadrigaCX exchange account associated with these exchanges. The report note reads:

A total of 649,708 cumulative Ethereum were sent directly to Kraken, Bitfinex and Poloniex by QuadrigaCX, for a total of $ 100,490,150 at the time of delivery.

In addition, he believes that neither the CEO’s widow nor those involved in the case knew that Cotton had transferred money to these stock exchanges – this made it absolutely clear that no one but Cotton knew or was aware of the stock market funds.

Nevertheless, the discovery of the fund is due to the fact that it has switched to these exchanges – and the author of the report presented it in collaboration with the founders of these trading platforms. Such over-the-counter funds, such as “in any cold wallet” or any reserve cryptocurrency, may not be discovered because no one other than Cotton knows this.

Furthermore, the author’s common belwo wallet address belongs to QuadrigaCX, definitively;

Kraken Bounty Began – Good tips for discovering the mystery of QuadrigaCX

Jesse Powell’s move was development of a and stated on Twitter and the official blog that he would offer $ 100,000 to anyone who helps solve this mystery. The QuadrigaCX Lost Token Reward Blog states that tips as a solution will also be shared with law enforcement – and later the tip reward will be paid in youth or cryptocurrency.

Kraken is donating $ 100,000 (son or cryptography) as a reward for the tips that best lead to the discovery of the missing $ 190 million. Can you help us unravel the strange case of Cotton Products?

– Kraken Exchange (@krakenfx)

After reviewing the episodes, do you know where the missing customer funds are? Do you know anyone who knows something that can help law enforcement find the basics? The blog continued. If so, let us know and we’ll pass on your tips to law enforcement. Kraken donates up to $ 100,000 (son or crypt) as a reward for the tips that best lead to the discovery of the missing $ 190 million.

So their peers, do you have any tips you can send to the Kraken exchange program, if so, you can send them here and let us know what you think about the findings about the mystery of the QuadrigaCX exchange? Share your thoughts

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