Smile Enhancement With Cheek Injections

smiles have an important role to play in shaping up the physical appearance of an individual. A good smile is one of the major factors which can easily influence an individual’s image and self-confidence. It is well documented that smiling is good for you as smiling helps in reducing the blood pressure and also helps in improving the flow of oxygen into the brain. Additionally, smiling helps in improving the blood circulation and also relaxes the facial muscles, thereby reducing the signs of stress.


A smile is mainly formed mostly by relaxing the facial muscles around the mouth, particularly the corners of the eyes. In order to obtain a bright, healthy and happy smile, it is important that you must know how to smile properly. A smile consists mainly of a combination of a mouth and facial expression and is achieved through a number of different actions and postures. Some very common actions which are taken to smile are mentioned below.

One of the most common actions of a person when he smiles is that of opening his mouth widely and then pulling back his lip. This action of opening the mouth widely and then pulling the lip away gives rise to two opposing but beneficial effects. Firstly, the opposing effect brings about a reduction in the size of the oral cavity, thereby reducing the size of the cheeks and this leads to a narrower angle for the teeth to meet. Secondly, when the individual pulls the lip away from his teeth, it also eliminates the chances of any dental cavities.

Smile exercises help in strengthening the muscles around the face and help in reducing the tension in the muscles. Smiling helps in opening the air passageways and this results in increased oxygen flow into the blood stream, which helps in healing the various complications that are present in the body due to lack of oxygen. These complications include swelling, pain and infection of various types.

There are three types of muscles present in the body that are affected by our facial expression. These muscles are divided into two groups namely the external muscles and the internal muscles. The external muscles are mainly involved when we smile, while the internal muscles are mainly concerned with the smile and the way it affects the other muscles present inside the body. The muscles that are involved in a particular type of smile are known as the Isometric muscles. When these muscles are used in a particular type of smile, it can give an entirely different and unique appearance.

Cheek injections are also a common treatment that helps in making your face more attractive. However, these injections are not for everyone. It is only for people suffering from certain severe facial muscles and cannot make regular smiles due to these problems. These injections are very painful and can have some side effects like redness, bruising and numbness. The injection is basically made up of botulinum poison and injected directly into the cheek.

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