The Cambridge Dictionary – The Definition of Sport

In the world of sport, the word sport is used to refer to any type of organized activity in which humans compete. In many definitions, sport involves fair play and enjoyment of the activity. Games should be played for fun and to challenge oneself, and it is a sign of good sportsmanship to win gracefully and with good sportsmanship. Other examples of good sportsmen are people who make a sport out of torturing flies and making fun of someone who stutters.


The rules of a sport are generally predefined and agreeable to ensure fair competition and consistent adjudication of the winner. A sporting event can be judged by objective measures, such as time, distance, or accuracy, or by subjective measures such as the player’s performance. The Cambridge Dictionary’s definition of sport includes both subjective and objective measures. There are many types of sports and many variations. In this edition, we’ve grouped the most common ones in a convenient format.

In this edition, the definition of sport has been widened to include any activity that involves physical exertion. While the definition of a sport isn’t set in stone, many people disagree about what activities count as a true sport. While many people still consider poker and cornhole games a true sport, the term is broadly applied to any competition on television. If participants exert enough physical energy, it qualifies as a “sport.”

Whether a sport is competitive or spectator, a game has its rules and customs. The rules help ensure that competitors compete fairly and allow for consistent adjudication of the winner. Depending on the type of sport, winning can be decided by objective measures, while subjective measures are used for subjective sports. In most cases, sport betting is strictly regulated, so the rules can be broken easily. It can even be illegal. There are many different types of sports, so it is important to know the differences between them.

There are many types of sport. Some involve physical activity and some don’t. A sport may be a competitive activity or a recreational activity. The rules will affect how people play the game. For example, a game may be a spectator sport, or a spectator sports might be a spectator sport. Those who enjoy a sport will be happy to participate in it. And if they don’t, they will probably not have an interest in it.

As mentioned, sports are competitive activities. Its rules and customs are established to ensure fair competition. A sport can also be viewed as a recreational activity. It’s not just for entertainment, though. It can be a source of health and fitness. There are a variety of sports that are played in a competitive atmosphere. Almost every sport has its own rules and customs. But it can be a source of great pride for both participants and spectators.

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