Upper Body Workout Tips

A workout is an achievement over procrastination and laziness. It’s the badge of a great winner, the mark of a competitor, motivated, committed person who’s taken control of his or her, or his, life. A workout is not just a walk or a run. It’s the sweaty, purposeful choice to get moving and stay moving. For some, a workout is a reward for hard work; for others, it’s a chance to be proactive and to push oneself to new heights.


Exercise physiology research suggests that most people overestimate the benefits of regular exercise. The research also shows that most people underestimate the potential health benefits of resistance exercises, such as cardiovascular training, strength training and stretching. So, when it comes to an increased energy level, more calories were burned with strength exercises compared with cardio, but the diet was not affected to the same extent. In other words, the key to a better diet is not only to eat the right foods but to do the right exercises.

Three sets of ten exercises each consisting of twelve reps each are recommended for a bodybuilder. Those exercises must be performed with three sets of twelve, instead of three sets of six. For the beginner bodybuilder, beginning with the barbell exercises first will help to avoid the plateau effect that can affect the gains made by a workout regimen. Rep speed increases must be gradual so that muscles can adapt quickly. Three sets of ten reps at one repetition is all that is necessary to start. Three sets of ten reps at two repetitions is approximately half way to the one-repetition maximum.

If weight training is already part of your workout routine, then it’s recommended to add a workout that isolating muscles. Three sets of ten reps at one repetition is about half way there. This would also be the time to add in some leg exercises or some other ab exercises that isolate the stomach muscles.

Another important factor in the plan should be an increase in resistance or load when curls, squats and deadlifts are done. The goal of these workouts is to build a stronger base for the heavier exercises that are to follow. There is a tendency among beginners to work the muscles in isolation. For example, if someone is doing bench presses, they focus on their biceps alone and do as many reps as possible. They work with other muscle groups during the workout routine only to get tired and stop for the day. A complete upper-body workout should include exercises that work each muscle group for an appropriate amount of time so that muscles grow and change tension simultaneously.

Finally, many people suffering from diseases like diabetes or heart problems can benefit from cardiovascular exercise along with a workout routine. Exercise has been shown to improve circulation, lower blood pressure and decrease the likelihood of heart disease and heart attack. It also helps increase lung capacity and strengthens the heart. However, there is still a debate about the safety and effectiveness of exercise as a treatment for these diseases. Research has shown that a combination of cardiovascular exercise and weight training is more effective than exercising separately. Exercise can help increase strength and build endurance, which is especially helpful for people suffering from osteoporosis.

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