Physical Fitness – Can Exercise Enhance Your Well-Being?

The words workout and healthy seem to be in conflict with one another these days. But the truth is that healthy and fit are two very different things. While both involve exercising, there is a lot more difference between the two than you might think.


The word workout originally only pertained to any type of physical activity that increased muscle mass through weight training or aerobics. Today, however, workout refers to any type of exercise where you workout, whether it is purely for aerobic fitness or simply to stay in good shape. This has led many people to assume that they can do no better than working out in their pajamas and drinking protein shakes all day. However, the fact is that exercise should not be confined to the gym and certainly should not be considered a substitute for a balanced diet and plenty of water.

There are many kinds of workouts that are suitable for keeping the body healthy and strong, but one that has gained a great deal of popularity is exercise. Exercise is a broad term that refers to any task that increases physical fitness and improves the body’s ability to withstand strain. Activities that fall into this category include running, walking, weightlifting, bicycling, swimming, tennis, and any other activity that requires strength and flexibility. These kinds of exercises also promote cardiovascular health and help reduce the risk of developing heart disease. If you are concerned about your heart, you should definitely consider doing some form of regular exercise.

A huge misconception that people suffering from depression may have is that they cannot benefit from any sort of physical activity. This is simply not true. Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and can improve many conditions such as sleep disorders and depression. Exercise is a proven treatment for those suffering from chronic pain. And it is even considered by some to have positive benefits for depression.

One of the most significant positive benefits of exercising is its effect on the body’s ability to heal itself. It boosts the immune system and increases your overall well-being. It can help fight depression in a number of ways. Exercise can increase your energy level, which makes you feel more positive. It can relieve stress and improve your mood as well as making you physically fit.

Aside from boosting your general well-being, exercise helps you develop your endurance. Endurance is defined as “the capacity to perform a physical action or exert physical effort over a period of time.” Your body has the ability to adapt and grow as you exercise, so your endurance level actually increases with age. Exercise increases your ability to tolerate “excessive” pressure, which causes your skeletal muscle morphology to change. These changes in skeletal muscle morphology, together with changes in your hormone levels (including growth), are responsible for the improvements in your endurance you experience as you age.

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