A Physical Activity That Strengthens the Mind and Body

Sport is a popular term that can describe any activity used or undertaken for fun, recreation or exercise. A popular sport is usually associated with a contact sport such as football, rugby, tennis, boxing, wrestling, bicep curl, wrestling and martial arts. Other popular activities that are not classified as a sport include sky diving, surfing, skydiving, inline skating, gymnastics, track running and rowing. A more specific sport can be described as a competitive or strenuous activity in which the participants attempt to overcome others or objects in various ways. A sport can also be a pattern of activity that develops social skills, physical fitness and the ability to work with others.


A popular sport is usually associated with a contact sport and where there is a physical element to the activity, often involving repetitive movement of the body or limbs. The activity must be governed by rules, competition or criteria to identify an event. In most cases, sporting activities are governed by sport administration that is responsible for ensuring fair competition, protection of interests and fair notification of competitors. To this end, sport administration ensures sport related events are properly hosted, organized, promoted and regulated, including consulting the relevant sporting organizations. In addition to these associations, sport administers events through sport scouts, teachers, coaches, other volunteers and even spectators to ensure fair competition and to encourage participation.

The three main governing bodies responsible for administering sports are the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the National Basketball Association (NBPA) and the National Football League (NFL). The Olympic Committee supervises sports events through the bidding processes and selection of sports events through the competition period. The other two bodies are independent organizations that have greater influence on the direction of sports that may be considered for Olympic participation. The NFL manages the NFL draft, governs its own players compensation and regulates the on-field activities of teams and players. The IBJJF is an international association that oversees the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Masters and the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy and has been instrumental in developing the sport internationally. The other associations are the United States Tennis Association, the World Federation of Cross Sports, the United States Softball Association and the United States Basketball Association.

Sport administrators are charged with promoting sporting events and maintaining standards of play. They ensure that sport meets the standards of good sportsmanship and maintain fairness. They act as advocates for the participants, help create associations that promote sport and set up competitions and awards for top performers. They also monitor the athletic activities of schools, colleges and universities and develop guidelines for schools to introduce sports that meet their requirements and can be eligible for recognition. They also monitor the safety and security of sporting venues, equip athletes with proper equipment and ensure that proper safety measures are taken before, during and after competitions. These organizations also conduct disciplinary hearings and discipline athletes who have been found guilty of negligence in terms of their sports activities.

The Olympic Games is the most popular and largest sports events, hosting the games of different countries every four years. The Olympic Games is held in various locations all over the world and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) creates a series of guidelines to govern the activities related to the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games provides a platform for talented athletes to display their talents and compete for recognition and prize money. It also encourages the participants to engage and participate in community and sports-based organizations, helping in the development of sports in a community and setting up a platform for fair competition.

Chess is a mentally and physically demanding sport, which requires players to use cognitive skills, mathematics and logic. There is no space for error because the moves depend on one’s knowledge, perception and strategy. Players must master the basic skills required to play the game, including physical and mental aspects of the game and abide by the rules of the game. While winning the game may not be easy, it offers participants a challenging and rewarding physical activity that strengthens the mind and body.

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