Emerge DeFi aims to clean up decentralized finances by focusing on critical infrastructure

The DeFi industry is growing exponentially, but remains prone to individual shortcomings. With little attention paid to insurance, inspections and background checks, the industry is stagnant. Emerge DeFi is here to provide these services.

Current DeFi bugs

Most decentralized financial platforms and services seem to fall into the same pitfalls. Compiling a working smart contract code is an easy task, but protecting users requires a different approach. Not enough attention is paid to insurance, verification, background checks, or new token launchpad services.

Building this infrastructure is key to moving the DeFi movement forward. If users are unable to reap the benefits of insurance, they will continue to suffer losses due to theft, hacking and smart code issues. During 2020, there were  this nature. Developers cannot predict all possible outcomes, but projects require some use for the users involved. Unfortunately, this is not the case today.

Finding the right solution

Emergi DeFi is a project aimed at the long-term sustainability of decentralized funding, not personal gain. It is an all-encompassing platform with multiple goals, each aimed at deploying the next generation of Defi solutions.

Token Launchpad and promotion

New DeFi projects usually create their indicators – this approach is often lacking in coordination or incentives.  offers a solution for influencers, entrepreneurs, and teams looking to launch a token. The construction of a decentralized financial brand poses a number of obstacles, each of which requires a specific approach to overcome them.

In terms of token sales, Emerge DeFi introduces a number of customization options. Whether you want to lock in liquidity or perform a KYC check, presenting an aura of trust is essential to any symbolic startup.

Attracting influencers is a key element of successful token sales. However, influencers are reluctant to deal with anonymous teams. In the DeFi industry, most development teams do not disclose their identities. Emerge DeFi can perform a background check on KYC to determine if the project in question is trustworthy.

Insurance & Verification required

Due to the transparent nature of DeFi smart contracts, anyone can review the code. However, understanding the nature of these contracts goes beyond the pay rating of most people. Therefore, projects must undergo code checks before releasing their platform. However, this is not happening nearly as much as it should.

The same goes for insurance, an aspect that is almost non-existent on the DeFi scene. One of the few insurance providers – Cover Protocol – recently received a hack. It’s a clear sign of how to do things differently and sooner or later. Emerge DeFi offers insurance and auditing solutions to ensure that future projects do not suffer from these disadvantages.

Spring cleaning in decentralized finance

With the spring season around the corner, the time has come to clean up the “mess” of decentralized finances. There are too many unprotected, unaudited, and unsecured projects today that can all cost users money. Considering the number of hacks and scams carried out in this industry, Defi is losing its legitimacy at an alarming rate.

Having a complete solution is an essential first step. Blockchain technology allows for innovative ideas and concepts, but it cannot grow without the right infrastructure and tools. There is much more to this industry than marketing, sales, public relations and sales . Without the technical infrastructure needed for control and insurance, decentralized funding will never become more widespread.

If decentralized funding is to be taken seriously, it must provide the same peace and security as traditional funding. Today, the industry is not yet able to do that. Solutions like Emerge DeFi can change the narrative, yet everything has to be proven.


Today, decentralized financing focuses primarily on yield management and speculation. A different approach is needed to move to the next level and jeopardize centralized funding. The focus on security, accountability, auditability and insurance is needed to reach the next level. Until these building blocks and infrastructure are available, DeFi will be of little or no attractiveness to the mainstream.

Solutions like Emerge DeFi highlight the need for long-term thinking rather than focusing on short-term solutions and profits. Legalizing decentralized funding takes a lot of time and effort. The cryptocurrency industry is only now gaining recognition after almost a decade of learning. Communities and teams need to make good use of these lessons to accelerate the adoption of DeFi.

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