Smile – The Secret Weapon of Success!

A smile makes the world go round. In the simplest of terms, a smile conveys happiness and joy. A smile can say to people around you that you are thinking positively. It can make you look more attractive. A smile can express the way you feel, which is very appealing to people. Many people have smiles that convey feelings that they don’t even know they have.


A smile is mainly formed by moving the facial muscles in the side of your mouth together. Some smiles have a contraction of these muscles in the eye corner, an activity called Dots smile. Your choice of a smile depends largely on the expression you want to show and the position of your eyes and mouth.

Smiling is not the same as laughing, though they do look alike. When you smile you use more than just your facial muscles to move your mouth, you use your whole body, including your face, to convey your feelings. Both laughing and smiling have different purposes, but when you smile you use the same muscles.

The reason that your smile looks best when you have a healthy and toned face is that your facial features are balanced. In fact, most people with a good facial balance have a good smile. That means that your cheeks and zygomaticus major have a slight difference in shape. The difference in shape is called the Z axis. The lighter your cheek, the stronger the zygomaticus major. The lighter the other facial feature, like the eye corner, the weaker the facet.

It is easier to maintain a good smile if both your cheeks and zygomaticus major are symmetrical. You might wonder what is so special about the smile lines on the sides of our mouths. Most of us smile just to make ourselves feel better and forget our problems. However, when we smile with our mouths shut, we are subconsciously trying to improve our facial symmetry. This helps to reduce tension and stress. Our body language is also improved as well as our facial expressions.

A healthy and balance smile can help eliminate the seriousness that accompanies some social problems. If you are serious about looking good and maintaining your good health, you should try to be as positive as possible with your facial gestures and facial expressions. A simple smile may be all that separates you from someone who is much happier than you!

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