A smile is a happy, bright smile, isn’t it? But a smile can also be shaped by your teeth. The way you smile can say many things about you, and the impression you make on others, whether they are your friends or colleagues, and the way you interact with them. Smiles can tell a great deal about your personality and the kind of person you are, so much so that one look in someone’s direction can say quite a lot about you. So, if you are looking to enhance your smile to improve your social life or your love life, here are some tips that may help.

A smile normally consists of four components: a central area where your teeth meet, a mandible (the bone that extends from the teeth towards the neck), a lower jaw, and a tongue. Some smiles even include a contraction of these muscles in the back of the mouth, an action called a Zygomatic Smile. All of these parts play an important part in the overall appearance of your smile, but some seem to be affected more than others by things such as:

Smiles that express positive emotions are easier to make. If you have strong, happy feelings, your smile will usually come out a lot more positively. If you smile at people who make you feel happy, you will tend to smile back at them. People who smile at you when you are happy will, on average, feel happier too!

There is a specific type of smile that is associated with a particular facial expression. Facial expressions, particularly those that involve a grimace, a smile, a sneer, or a laugh, all affect the strength of your smile. To figure out what your best smile looks like, try smiling as widely as possible while maintaining the level of expression that you use. When you look down, you will almost certainly find yourself with a much weaker zygomatic major muscle, and this will indicate that you need to work on strengthening that muscle.

Smiles that are not associated with positive emotions are much easier to make, and they are often much more effective in terms of changing how you feel. You can use your non-angry smile to help yourself feel better about what is happening in your life. If you are feeling sad, for example, using a smile can help you smile right along with it. Using a smile to try and get over something with someone can usually be a very effective method for changing their perspective and helping them feel better about the situation. It may even be able to change their behavior in a way that they would not have done otherwise!

There are many reasons that smiling is helpful, and it can even be considered a form of hypnosis. When you are sad, you can look into the eyes of a friend or loved one and smile as you speak to them. You may be able to overcome your sadness by trying this once a day, or at least several times per day. When you are actively smiling during your daily activities, you will find that the stress that you carry around inside of you is reduced significantly, and this can have very positive emotional implications for you.

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