Over Complicating Your Workout

It can be difficult to find the motivation to workout. With all of the daily stress in life, many people find it hard to stick with a workout regimen. Sometimes it can even be difficult to get started. You don’t have to give up on your goal to look great and feel great, though!


Instead, make your workout enjoyable. If you can work out while having fun, you are more likely to continue for a longer period of time. When you are having fun during your workout, it is easier to push through those difficult exercises. In addition, it is more interesting to you. Instead of overcomplicating your workout by doing hundreds of reps and sets, why not spice things up a little bit?

If you need to overcomplicate your workout routine to avoid boredom, try picking one exercise and doing it in sets. You can alternate muscle groups between sets to challenge all of your muscles in one fell swoop. Try to pick an exercise and picking one set of muscles between rotations in order to keep yourself motivated.

Many people find that it is helpful to add in music to their workout. By incorporating music into your workout, you can mentally get yourself in the right frame of mind to push through those difficult exercises. If you aren’t a fan of music, you can always take a minute to listen to your favorite tracks so you can focus on your exercises.

Another way to help avoid boredom during your workout is to change the types of exercises you choose. Most people like to stick with the same compound workout because it is familiar. However, most people like variety. That is why it is important to incorporate a wide variety of exercises into your routine. For example, if you typically do push ups, it would be very boring to do pull ups.

If you find that boredom is setting in while working out, you may want to switch it up. That is alright. Just remember to keep things interesting and vary your exercise regimen. You will be surprised at how much fun it can be to mix things up. And don’t forget that exercise is meant to be fun. If you are having a tough time enjoying your workouts, perhaps it is time to make a few changes.

You could also overcomplicate your workout. This is when you do an exercise that you would normally do in less than one set. It doesn’t matter if the exercise is easy. You could just alternate your reps with multiple sets. Overcomplicating your workout will cause you to do more harm than good. Your muscles won’t receive any benefit because they will not be stretched enough.

Now that you know how to avoid overcomplicating your exercise session, you can enjoy it more. You will likely notice an improvement in your lifts and biceps later on during your next workout. It is important to not overdo it with your compound workout. The noun “overcomplicate” is another word for overdoing it.

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