The Benefits of Your Smile

Your smile can make or break you. When someone sees your smile they immediately know that you are happy, maybe even elated about something. Smiles are contagious and you need to know how to give a good smile to everyone. Here are some simple things that will help you smile more:


Smile your way through your day. Smiling has been scientifically proven to be the best cure for stress. It reduces the occurrence of facial grimaces and tension, which can cause chills down your spine. Some great smiles include an easy contraction of facial muscles at the corners of your eyes, a smile known as a Zales smile, a smile that goes a little deeper than a typical smile.

Your smile should match the mood. Many people frown and smile at the same time. The frown when paired with tired facial expressions can be interpreted as an angry face therefore you might not want to pair a frown with relaxed facial expressions. Smiling is also a good alternative in between angry and sad facial expressions.

Smile your way through wrinkles. Smiling has been shown to improve blood circulation, improve lymph drainage and eliminate harmful toxins. Also, smiling helps lessen wrinkles on the face. Smiling helps reduce facial wrinkles caused by puffiness, swelling, facial fat accumulation and age-related facial wrinkles.

Smile for your health. The power of positive thinking should not be underestimated! You can control your mood, stress, and anxiety by believing that you are capable of doing anything. By constantly thinking you are positive, you are sending out endorphins which are the body’s happy hormones. These endorphins will cause you to have positive thoughts and behaviors which will then benefit your physical health including a better smile!

Finally, do not underestimate the benefits of eating right. If you consistently eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water throughout the day you will see many benefits including a healthier smile and you will also feel better physically. Smiling makes you look more attractive to the opposite sex and you may even find yourself attracting dates or job interviews. A better smile also makes it easier for others to see your true smile for what it really is. So, if you have trouble smiling… learn how to smile!

Endorphins are released when you smile, they make you feel good and keep your mood positive. Smiles help you stay positive, look your best and help keep your stress levels down. You will feel like you are smiling even while you are thinking about something else. Endorphins will make you happier and your facial muscles will become stronger. Smiles are a great way to improve your self esteem, confidence and social skills.

Smiles make you more attractive to everyone around you. They are infectious, so you will feel like you are smiling all the time. Smiles are contagious! As the muscles in your face and those of your body become stronger, you will begin to smile more often and with more confidence. Learn to love your smile and you will also love life!

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