The Definition of Sport


The Definition of Sport

Sport is a very big word these days. When you mention sport, the first things that pop into your mind are the Olympic Games, professional wrestling matches, football matches, ice skating, basketball and volleyball. However, the word sport actually comes from the very same roots as the English words war, religion and language, which also mean “to engage in a struggle or fight.” Sport can be divided further into various types like the contact sport, contact sports, contact sport involving two teams and competition sports, where one team competes against another. The object of playing any of these different types of sport is to either win or lose and it can have many different levels and classifications.

Now that we have defined the definition of the word sport, we will now go into detail about each of the major sport categories. A competitive sporting activity involves physical exertion. This does not necessarily mean that you have to do a lot of running or lifting weights. It is more of a physical activity that uses your physical strength, such as sprinting up a steep hill, lifting a weight over your head and so on. Thus, you can categorize competitive sporting activities in three basic groups – physical activity involving physical exertion, contest activity involving contest or interaction with others and participation activity involving participation or entertainment.

Today, many children in the United States participate in organized sports such as baseball, basketball, softball and soccer. The majority of organized sports are not recognized by the US Olympics Committee, but they are popular around the country. Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association have recognized the popularity of these sports and have extended scholarships to middle schools in order to encourage them to participate in these sports. In addition, the US Department of Education has begun to encourage students to play sports through private schools. As more students continue to play sports in this way, the demand for qualified coaches, uniforms, equipment and even training programs will continue to grow.

Sport also includes team sports, such as American football, lacrosse, volleyball, softball and basketball. Unlike the definition of sport mentioned above, team sports typically require physical exertion and skill in order to be successful. These sports involve several members from differing backgrounds who compete against each other. For example, a football team requires wide receivers, strong punters, defensive players and other positions in order to be successful.

Professional sport is generally defined as any type of sport that consists of professional athletes. Athletes in this category typically engage in extreme physical exertion, skill and competition. Although this type of sport does not necessarily require high levels of skill, they usually engage in extremely strenuous activity and use skill and tactics to win. Some examples of professional sports include track and field, bodybuilding, rugby and hockey.

There is no consensus on which definition of sport is the correct one. Most sports enthusiasts agree that it is important to distinguish between various types of competition to create a clear definition that is universally acceptable. This definition should be equally applicable to competitive athletics and non-sport events. Each type of sport can have an array of sub-components, therefore it is important to properly determine which sub-components are necessary for a sport to be categorized.

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